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I’m Getting a Spray Tan...HELP! Our Top Ten Spray Tan Tips

By laurenesummers, Jan 31 2012 02:56PM

There is nothing worse than booking yourself in for a spray tan and requesting a natural glow, only to end up looking like an orange streaky mess. Sometimes this can be down to the technique of the tanner, sometimes it can be because of the product used, and sometimes it can be down to your spray tan prep…a key part of a successful tan which should have been started at least the day before your appointment. Our top ten tips to achieving the perfect spray tan are shown below:

The Day Before Your Tan

1. Scrub yourself to within an inch of your life. Well, not literally. A thorough full body scrub is essential to get rid of any dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, leaving you feeling (and looking) great.

2. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. Thoroughly moisturise your body after your scrub. This will help to get rid of any dry skin that you have and will make sure your tan is even and long lasting.

The Day of Your Tan

3. Rub a dub dub, jump in the tub! Shower or bathe yourself in water only. Water only means water only. Not water with some shower gel, not a touch of bubble bath in the tub…WATER ONLY! Rub yourself with either a flannel, sponge, one of those net bundles tied with a string that everyone seems to have, or just with your hands. This is to make sure there is no residue left on your skin from yesterday’s mega moisturising session. Any oils and moisturisers on your skin can cause the tan to streak – so make sure you give yourself a thorough rub!

4. Baby wipes are a tanners best friend. When you arrive for your appointment make sure you take off your makeup – you’ll look a bit strange if you end up with a glowing white face sitting on top of your bronzed body. You’ll also need to take off your deodorant – no one likes green armpits. Most spray tanners will have wipes available for you to use, however if you don’t think your salon does, or if it’s somewhere new then take a pack in your bag just in case.

5. Don’t wear massive pants. Not everyone wants to wear the paper pants, which is fine…but make sure the knickers that your wear are SMALLER than the pants you regularly wear…especially if you are being tanned before a holiday.

After Your Tan: Before the Big Reveal

6. Do not, I repeat, do not wash your hands under the tap immediately after your tan. Nor should you go home and do the dishes (great excuse to be a laze ball on the sofa). If you get yourself wet, the tan will stop developing in that area and you’ll end up patchy. If you’re concerned that there may be tan on the palms of your hands, use one of your trusty baby wipes to sort it out.

7. If you can get away with it...don’t put your bra back on. Unless you want to end up with strap marks, in which case, just don’t take it off to begin with. The tan will wear away in any areas that are rubbed, so try to leave your bra off, if you can’t then a strapless bra will be the best bet.

8. Are you a sneaky arm rubber? Do you like stroking your legs while curled up watching TV? DON’T! This is a one way street to orange palms and stripy limbs. If you’re a closet stroker (I am, there’s nothing to be ashamed of!) then wear something with long sleeves and full length bottoms to stop you rubbing away your bronzed glow.

The Day After Your Tan: Swit Swoo, Check You Out!

9. Don’t worry, it will wash away! Most spray tans develop over 6-8 hours. For best results try to leave your tan on overnight. When you wake up you’ll look and feel like a patchy grubby mess. Jump in the shower – you can go in the bath but the water won’t be a pretty sight! – and rub yourself down with water and your hands. The guide colour will wash away and you’ll be left with the glowing tan of your dreams!

10. Pat, don’t rub. When drying yourself off with the towel after your shower, be gentle. Vigorous rubbing WILL rub the tan off. Patting is the best way to dry down without harming your tan.

Want to extend the life of your tan? Yes, Yes! Spray tans give a great base to use self tanners at home to prolong the life of your tan. Most tanners will stock the at home products that match the tan you’ve had and mean that you’ll save a fortune on trips in for a tan.

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