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So...What exactly is Semi Permanent Artistic Colour Gloss?

By laurenesummers, Mar 6 2012 06:57PM

Some people refer to this kind of nail varnish as 21-day manicure, soak off nail varnish or coloured gel polish. Unlike many of the other brands, the colour gloss goes on as thin as a standard nail polish and doesn’t leave your nails looking thick and bulky!

Artistic Colour Gloss is the professional soak off gel polish treatment that glides onto finger or toe nails beautifully and is lamp-cured to dry in as little as 2 minutes. Available in a range of colours, now you can enjoy a beautiful, high gloss finish that lasts up to three times longer than traditional polish.

Say goodbye to any fear of chipping, smudging or peeling as you leave the salon... then, when you are ready for a new colour, Artistic Colour Gloss soaks off quickly and completely, with no damage to the natural nail. This is the perfection solution for busy people everywhere who want to look groomed, but don’t have the time for weekly manicures. With Artistic Colour Gloss, your nails will look fabulous, whatever the occasion.

But…Will it weaken or ruin my nails?

Definitely not. This system works fabulously on natural nails, without any fear of damage as there is no need to drill or file down the nail. Colour is removed quickly and simply by soaking it off in only 10 minutes.

Artistic colour gloss is on special offer at our studios this week and is only £10! Book in your appointment today and try it out!

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